Here are the basics!

We are Erin & Caitlin! Sassy Filipino-American sisters where Florida is home, using colorful language is a must, and creating raunchy goodies to bring out everyones inner rebel!

About Our Business

In 2018, Erin, a mom of two, discovered the art in making dreamcatchers as a way to help support her little ones. Then in 2020, Caitlin quit her full time job to explore the potential of entrepreneurship and join her sister in a creative environment.

Since then, we've done countless of arts markets, going though many ups and downs to realize, after years of trying to please others, that we were done and said "F**k it" and started making things for ourselves! ;)

And as of 2024, we furthered our rebranding and officially changed our name from Dreaming of Jupiter to Jinxd! Stay tuned for more!