Here are the basics!

We are Erin & Caitlin! Sassy Filipino-American sisters where Florida is home, using colorful language is a must, and creating raunchy goodies to bring out everyones inner rebel!

About Our Business

In 2018, Erin, a mom of two, discovered the art in making dreamcatchers as a way to help support her little ones. Then in 2020, Caitlin quit her full time job to explore the potential of entrepreneurship and join her sister in a creative environment.

Erin has always had a passion to support small businesses and Caitlin decided to step in and help make Erin's passion a reality! :) Slowly, we are expanding out of dreamcatchers and into adult friendly creations. Join us on a journey of humor and cuteness with each new step in building our business!! ;)

As of 2024, we furthered our rebranding and officially changed our name from Dreaming of Jupiter to Jinxd! Stay tuned for more!